I Got Hunted By A 14 Year Old for $10,000
I Got Hunted by A 14 Year Old & My Brother. FaZe Jarvis & FaZe H1ghSky1 ft. @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Jarvis
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  • Advay Kochhar
    Advay Kochhar

    This is the same thumbnail that mrbeast did on his challel


    the thumbnail is similar to Mr Beasts

  • Bose FN
    Bose FN

    Hmmm the thumbnail looking very SUS

  • that one animator
    that one animator


  • Idk

    This is my home town and high sky is fresh and new and runs into the glass door

  • Noobies _Y
    Noobies _Y

    u guys in las vegas i remember being there

  • Amazing Sheroo
    Amazing Sheroo

    Why is the thumbnail the same as mrbeast tag game but u have high sky and Jarvis as the faces

  • abdullaahi ali
    abdullaahi ali

    I think this is kinda like Mr Beasts vid but different in some ways so yeah

  • auner josue hernandez
    auner josue hernandez

    Um jarvis you forgot to say this is from mr beast...... The same backround....

  • Dee jojo
    Dee jojo

    10:53 enemy uav in the air🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kailash kumar
    kailash kumar

    He used the same thumbnail as Mr beast

  • Jefferson Christian Lie
    Jefferson Christian Lie

    Mr.beast's tag video has 10x more the reward

  • Real

    i like how kay took a mrbeast thumbnail from a video

  • dayday

    I went to that flower place before

  • Mxdl122


  • Mxdl122

    High sky how old are you

  • Luigy De La Cruz
    Luigy De La Cruz

    U saw kay on one wheel

  • uglyfatman123 • 69 years ago
    uglyfatman123 • 69 years ago

    Mom can we have mrbeast thumbnail Mom: we have mrbeast thumbnail at home mrbeast thumbnail at home:

  • Vjaw

    Mr beast made a very similar vid of bounty hunter than Kay said hunted and same thumbnail and highsky’s face is on a 20 year old man

  • Chem_ 691
    Chem_ 691

    This is like a heist 😳😂

  • ND Hyper
    ND Hyper

    Why is faze jarvis always in the thumbnail


    Mr beast thumbnail???

  • fzcaa

    the mrbest thumnail tho ahahahhaa

  • Juanito Basas
    Juanito Basas

    mrbeast thumbnail

  • Ollie Harris
    Ollie Harris

    Mr beast from wish

  • owen yeeet
    owen yeeet

    i like how its walmart version of mrbeats video

  • 0ffSide

    The same mr beast thumbnail

  • Eliante Calixte
    Eliante Calixte


  • GG BUDALO Koncan
    GG BUDALO Koncan

    MRbeast thumbnail

  • ElseCamilla Løvstrøm
    ElseCamilla Løvstrøm

    You Guys do like mrbeast vid

  • Jason peters
    Jason peters

    it from mr beat

  • umeraldo


  • fantasy fam
    fantasy fam

    Did he use mr beast thumb nail

  • Underrated Izz HD
    Underrated Izz HD

    Frazier's face was so funny when he realised that Jarvis and HighSky passed him when he was opening the GFUEL

  • Atttar M. Dzaky
    Atttar M. Dzaky

    Woooow nice thumbnail from MrBeast

  • Zapping Zane
    Zapping Zane

    Haha faze Kay you just made my day when you walked into the windo

  • DiamoK3LL


  • gaming dragon
    gaming dragon

    Very smart video idea its not like someone famous did it before I don’t know like maybe mrbeast

  • Misty FN
    Misty FN


  • Jarrod Burdette
    Jarrod Burdette

    Man weird this looks almost like mrbeast's video

  • Anoop Athwal
    Anoop Athwal

    What bike is Kay riding in the video

  • Chew Junwei
    Chew Junwei

    DA mm the thumbnail remind me of smtg else

  • Lxst manny 2
    Lxst manny 2

    Wait why is high sky in the casino he’s 14 😱

  • Zero_ilikeanime

    imagine stealing someone's thumbnail SMH MY HEAD

  • Froggy and Friends!
    Froggy and Friends!

    Steals Mrs beasts thumnail

  • Hii —••—
    Hii —••—


  • Nitro- Light
    Nitro- Light

    I love how every video They do 10,00

  • viswanth doppalapudi
    viswanth doppalapudi

    the thumbnail was so original

  • Skyz

    The magnificent starter pivotally start because recorder disconcertingly head under a receptive spider. longing, zany pizza

  • JJ1212liam

    They ripped off Mrbeast thumbnail

  • olive oli
    olive oli

    i like how kay's thumbnails is like mrbeast thumbnail when he got hunted by and bounty hunter for 100,000

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    its just like mr beast but i am not hater

  • LaZaR YT
    LaZaR YT

    Never knew Kay was bike life 😭😭

  • ian lois
    ian lois

    Pov: You're looking for ppl how talk about the thumbnail

  • YT Giddy
    YT Giddy

    Bro why u cpoying mr beast man, come up with your own ideas

  • Mahdi Ahmed
    Mahdi Ahmed

    The thumbnail is like mrbeast bounty hunter video

  • Fear Snxgs
    Fear Snxgs

    What bike is that I want one

  • Bruh I need friend
    Bruh I need friend

    Literally a mrbeast thumpnail

  • Prettyluhhamy ._.
    Prettyluhhamy ._.

    Kay is the only one to hop in a white van🤣

  • Gwape 🍇
    Gwape 🍇

    Wow they didnt even giv creds to mr.beast wow

  • PotatePotaate

    you shouldve used coconut mall

  • Animal SIM
    Animal SIM

    6:23 song name??

  • Kontrol

    Mr beast : make a video they said it will be fun they said

  • acir ff
    acir ff

    The camera man is the fastest 😂😂

  • Diviana Nunez
    Diviana Nunez

    Props to the camera man

  • HetroBH

    Hey this is h1ghsky1

  • aftab jameel
    aftab jameel

    Thumbnail ALERT (no hate😅😅😅)

    • aftab jameel
      aftab jameel

      Mr beast video

  • RDAI _
    RDAI _

    😂😂 it’s mrbeast thumbnail

  • tinasia coleman
    tinasia coleman

    Lol Jarvis said pls fall out 😂😂

  • Erfan Max
    Erfan Max

    Did he buy a glasses and broke it after few minutes 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Jaxon Hensch
    Jaxon Hensch

    Hey @Faze Kay well I know this thumbnail and idea is caught from Mr Beast. The thumbnail is from his 100,000 game of tag. I hope you respond to this thanks for listening.

  • Nylo

    Kinda like Russian mrbeast

  • Atlas Emir
    Atlas Emir


  • Deme Kvantaliani
    Deme Kvantaliani

    Lol 😂😂 tumbnale from Mr beast

  • DodgerFan

    Ummmm the thumbnail?? Ummmm yea if u know u know

  • David is a king Flores
    David is a king Flores

    Why did you steal this from Mr. beast

  • Suchita Jha
    Suchita Jha

    Copyrighted thumbnail

  • Coldjupiter 2992
    Coldjupiter 2992

    Just saying the thumbnail is like mr.beast thumbnail

  • hyper wolfe
    hyper wolfe

    Bro thumbnail is just mrbeasts thumbnail but Photoshoped

  • NotFarhan -_-
    NotFarhan -_-

    Imagine Kay went inside the wrong van 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Bobo
    Mr. Bobo

    love how the thumnail is mrbeast hospital video

  • RedToast

    Yea this is totally ur original idea totally not from mrbeast TOTALLY I really like your thumbnail

  • Abdul Muqit Shaikh
    Abdul Muqit Shaikh

    I don't want to be mean but you photoshopped your self in mrbeast video

  • ✖Syah

    Did you photoshop MRBEAST thumnails?

  • ScromZ

    i love how the thumbnail is just like mrbeast tag video and the mrbeast swat video its just amazing

  • D Weeb
    D Weeb

    Bruh the thumbnail is from mrbeast

  • SawyerGames

    Hi MrBeast

  • pcSLUSHY

    Bro this thumb nail is Mr beast thumb nail

  • Chompy Chest
    Chompy Chest

    Ngl jarvis’s tounge don’t look right in the thumbnail. Anyone else see it?

  • Ghastify

    bruh mrbeast

  • Averrill Scroggins
    Averrill Scroggins

    The way he jump in the van was like sum from gta

  • IDidThat

    I hate that kid

    • Ezxlexx忍

      @IDidThat That dude grow up I remembered when he was that squeaker fortnite kid

    • IDidThat

      @HJW I guess that his name

    • HJW


  • poperaymond

    Its jokes how scripted these are. “Bro I got a Ghillie suit on, he’s not gonna be able to see me” *Has a whole cameraman in a bright red t-shirt sitting next to you & recording you*

    • 123 456
      123 456

      Swear but its good

  • Evan

    Kay sounding like morgz now

  • Sean Wallace
    Sean Wallace

    7:26 Imagine not wearing a seatbelt tho sets a really good example

  • Landon Rivas
    Landon Rivas

    Mr beast

  • Eclipse YT
    Eclipse YT

    No one gonna talk about how that’s literally mrbeasts thumbnail

  • DrnWrld

    U stealing thumbnails

  • Aysha aas
    Aysha aas


  • Aysha aas
    Aysha aas

    Faze Deluxe 8